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The best way to deal with a skin problem is to prevent it before it occurs. Choose iS Clinical facial

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IS Fire and Ice Facial in Dubai

Are you unsure about getting a chemical peel but still looking for a resurfacing facial? The IS Fire and Ice Facial is a rejuvenating treatment that is the perfect midway between a mild facial and a chemical peel. One of the most popular facial treatments globally, the IS Clinical Facial has been designed to reduce signs of aging like fine lines and stimulate your skin to undergo resurfacing and renewal. Come and experience skin rejuvenation with handpicked IS Clinical Facial products at Hortman Clinics!

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If you are unhappy with your fine lines, wrinkles, or volume loss, seek a consultation with a dermatologist.

After evaluating your ageing signs, your dermatologist will recommend the most suitable cosmetic treatment option for you and if dermal or face fillers are what you need.


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