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The Neck Lift Surgery is the removal of fat, tightening the muscles and stretching the skin for a more yourthful and smoother skin on the neck

What is

Neck Lift Surgery or Surgical Neck Tightening in Dubai

Though one of the first signs of aging appears on the face, sometimes you will notice them on the neck earlier than you had hoped.

If you have undergone weight changes, the skin on your neck will reveal the same, often leading to sagging skin that steals away your youthful radiance.

A Neck Lift or Surgical Neck Tightening is a cosmetic surgical procedure performed to tighten your neck, reduce sagging muscles and remove excess fat hiding your jawline. A Neck Lift in Dubai may be performed alone or in combination with a facelift for more effective anti-ageing results.

how it works

How Does the Neck Lift Work?

There are different Neck Lift procedures used by surgeons, depending on many factors. The most commonly used techniques include:

use case

Who Needs a Neck Lift?

A Neck Lift procedure is recommended for healthy men and women who have the following features in their neck and chin region:

This cosmetic procedure can also correct deep creases or lines between your mouth and chin (called the marionette lines), jowls, loss of jawline and neck contour.

If you have one or more of the signs mentioned above, you must book your consultation with our surgeon right away!


How Can You Prepare For Your Appointment?

Your surgeon will give you preparatory instructions, such as:

At Hortman Clinics, our team of surgeons and healthcare staff will run you through all you need to know before your Neck Lift procedure to ensure you are confident and comfortable about your treatment. Though a Neck Lift in Dubai is performed as an inpatient procedure.

What to expect

Expectations / Results after a Neck Lift Treatment

You may experience mild pain, bruising, tenderness or discomfort immediately after the procedure. However, our team will prescribe effective painkillers and antibiotics to ensure your symptoms are minimal.

It may take a few days to a week for your symptoms to subside.

Your doctor will recommend wearing a pressure garment around your neck for around ten days after the procedure to control any swelling or bruising.

After the initial symptoms subside, you will be able to appreciate the results of the Neck Lift procedure that makes you feel younger and more confident.

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If you are unhappy with your neck, jawline or chin or think the sagging skin and muscles make you look older than you are, you must get a consultation with a plastic surgeon.

During your consultation appointment, the surgeon will record, assess and evaluate your:

Based on this information and a clinical evaluation, the surgeon will determine if you are a candidate for a Neck Lift in Dubai.

They will also discuss the expected costs, the technique they will be using, any expected side effects, and the recovery period with you.

Be rest assured that at Hortman Clinics, you are in the most skilled and experienced hands of our surgeons.

Frequently Asked Questions

At Hortman Clinics, our surgeons ensure all procedures are painless and highly comfortable for our patients. The Neck Lift procedure is performed under anesthesia, and your surgeon will administer local anesthesia before inside the wound to ensure you have a painless recovery. Though you may experience mild tenderness and discomfort in the hours following your Neck Lift procedure, you will be prescribed pain-relieving medications to make you comfortable.

A Neck Lift procedure results are long-lasting but are affected by aging. To ensure the results of your treatment last long, you must follow a healthy diet, regular exercise, quit smoking, avoid excessive sun exposure, and follow a healthy skincare routine.

The Neck Lift Surgery may take around two to three hours. You will be asked to come early for your appointment to keep enough time for anesthesia.

After your Neck Lift procedure, you will be advised to visit your doctor for a follow-up on day two and a week after the surgery. These visits enable your doctor to evaluate your healing and recovery and remove your stitches. You may need to come for a scar check-up after six weeks. The follow-up schedule is different for everyone, and your doctor and our team at Hortman Clinics will support you throughout your follow-up journey.

Since the Neck Lift is a surgical procedure, it may take around two weeks for you to completely recover. Avoid strenuous activity, bending over or lifting heavy items for the first two weeks after surgery. You must take at least two or three pillows to elevate your head while sleeping to reduce swelling.

The quickest way to recover from your Neck Lift procedure is by following all the instructions given by your surgeon at Hortman Clinics. You must eat a healthy diet and get ample rest in the first two weeks after your treatment.


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