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The best way to deal with a skin problem is to prevent it before it occurs. Choose DMK Enzyme Oxygen Facial

What is

DMK Enzyme Oxygen Facial in Dubai

Sometimes all you feel like doing is resetting your skin to restore it to its former glory. Well, it is now possible with DMK Enzyme Oxygen Facial. Unlike any other cosmetic treatment today, the DMK Enzyme Oxygen Facial helps your skin reboot at the cellular level, giving you healthy, glowing skin. The therapy aims to restore homeostasis in your skin, thereby ensuring long-term effects.

What is DMK Enzyme Oxygen Facial Treatment?

As we grow old, our body cells function slower than they used to. DMK Enzyme Oxygen Facial is a rejuvenating skin procedure that stimulates the skin cells to work efficiently and improves blood and lymph circulation to revitalize the tissues to give you a bright, youthful-looking appearance.

Experience a relaxing experience during your DMK Enzyme Oxygen Facial at Hortman Clinics and go home with a new, tightened, and young feel on your facial skin.

How it works

How Does the Procedure Work?

The DMK Enzyme Facial is effective in rejuvenating your skin as it acts on three important systems of your body:

Facial muscles

The enzymes in the product stimulate the muscles of your face to become stronger, giving you a youthful appearance. The muscles tighten and tone without any physical activity to provide firmer, toned, and radiant skin.

Blood vessels of the skin

The DMK Enzyme Oxygen Facial dilates the blood vessels in the skin and improves circulation to nourish skin cells. The backflushing effect of the enzyme removes impurities and stimulates the lymphatic system.

Lymphatic system

The circulatory system nourishes the body while the lymphatic system helps filter out toxins and harmful substances and enables their elimination. The enzymes in this facial are specially formulated to encourage efficient drainage of toxins from the skin.

Use case

Who Needs a DMK Enzyme Oxygen Facial Treatment?

Healthy men and women of all ages, skin types and tones can undergo a DMK Enzyme Oxygen Facial to experience its cleansing, nourishing and hydrating effects.


How Can You Prepare For Your Appointment?

A DMK Enzyme Oxygen Facial is a minimally-invasive treatment usually performed as an outpatient procedure in your doctor’s clinic.

The procedure requires minimal preparation. Avoid applying any makeup or products to your skin for a day or two before the procedure. Your doctor will provide any additional instructions that you need to follow.

What to expect

Expectations / Results after Treatment

Immediately after your DMK Enzyme Oxygen Facial, your face will have a visible ‘plasmatic effect’.

You will be able to appreciate the tightened or firm feeling of your skin, a beautiful glow and silky texture. Your skin will also have a plump and supple appearance and feel lasting for at least a week. For maintained, long-lasting results, you will require repeated facials.

After you have achieved your goal with the DMK Enzyme Oxygen Facial, your cosmetologist will prescribe a maintenance program to keep the results you have achieved.

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If you are unhappy with how your skin feels or wish to get fine lines, wrinkles and other early signs of aging treated, a DMK Enzyme Oxygen Facial may be helpful. During your initial consultation with our expert cosmetologist, they will perform a thorough clinical evaluation and understand your expectations.

If a DMK Enzyme Oxygen Facial can help improve your skin health, you can book your appointment for your treatment with us!

Frequently Asked Questions

The number of sessions of a DMK Enzyme Oxygen Facial you will require will depend upon your skin type, the condition being treated and its severity. Most people need at least three to six sessions for optimal effects.

This facial treatment is safe and routinely performed by the most skilled cosmetologists in Dubai at Hortman Clinics. You may experience mild redness on your skin, which subsides in a couple of hours to a day.

The duration and frequency of your DMK Enzyme Oxygen Facial depend upon your skin condition. Usually, the first two enzyme sessions are performed one or two weeks apart to allow your skin enough time to get used to the tightening process. Your Beauty therapist may recommend this treatment once weekly or fortnightly for ideal results.

The DMK facial is an effective method for hydrolysing and removing dead skin cells and debris and detoxifying your skin of all the impurities. At the same time, it firms, tones and tightens your skin to give you a youthful, radiant appearance.

All cosmetic treatments at Hortman Clinics are performed by expert clinicians who ensure painless procedures. During a DMK Enzyme Facial, you will not feel any pain or discomfort, but you may experience your skin tightening and the pulsating effect of your blood.

Enzyme facials and chemical peels remove dead skin cells and allow a new layer of skin to come to the fore. However, enzyme facials like the DMK oxygen facial also benefit from unclogging and shrinking pores.


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