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PB Serum uses naturally occurring enzymes to enhance particular fuctions in the skin

What is

PB Serums Enzyme Therapies in Dubai

PB Serum uses naturally occurring enzymes to enhance particular fuctions in the skin. Enzymes have the power to build, repair and rejuvenate cells and tissues, a property that is used in PB Serum, a non-invasive treatment that improves overall skin health. The treatment tightens skin, reduces facial fat and double chin, minimizes wrinkles and fine lines

How it works

How does PB Serum Treatment work?

PB Serum is a specialized serum designed to target cellulite, promote fat reduction, enable localized slimming, and enhance skin firmness. Its application involves the use of a device equipped with high molecular weight hyaluronic acid and enzymatic agents. PB Serum primarily relies on three key enzymes: collagenase, lipase, and lyase. When PB Serum is introduced into the skin through injection, it prompts the body to produce essential substances under the influence of these enzymes.

There are three different types of PB Serum in Dubai: high, medium, and low. The low form is effective for reducing under-eye bags and minimizing pore size. The medium form is beneficial for slimming adipose tissues and promoting fat burning. The high form is utilized to address concerns such as neck wrinkles, sagging skin, abdominal fat, cellulite correction, scar reduction, burn treatment, and skin texture refinement.

Use case

Who needs PB Serum Treatment?

PB Serum is designed for individuals experiencing the effects of aging and skin sagging.

PB Serums help with different skin and body issues. Some of them include:

This serum can be safely administered to healthy individuals aged 25 and above, provided they seek guidance and approval from a dermatologist before use.

what to expect

How does the PB Serum Procedure look like?

The application of PB Serum follows these stages:

PB Serum instigates various changes when it interacts with the body. It is crucial that the treatment is administered by a specialist well-versed in the application techniques. During the procedure, a cocktail is created using three distinct enzymes, and this mixture is applied to the targeted area using fine needles. The specific type of serum used may vary depending on the treatment area. The noticeable effects on the body usually manifest after one session and can be further enhanced with 4-5 sessions.

Following the application, it is advisable to protect the treated area from direct sunlight for a period of time. Additionally, refraining from strenuous exercise for at least twenty-four hours post-treatment is recommended.

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After treatment

Expectations / Results after Treatment

Following the reduction of cellulite, stretch marks, and adipose fat, the skin typically becomes noticeably smoother. For facial skin, the treatment often leads to a more even complexion and improved texture by addressing concerns such as acne, scars, hyperpigmentation, and other blemishes. Importantly, this treatment is entirely safe and is based on 100% biological processes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The impact of PB Serum typically becomes evident after the second session. Treatment courses usually encompass a range of 2 to 3 sessions. However, individual needs may vary, with some patients achieving their desired results with just a single session, while others may require more than 3 sessions for comprehensive treatment.

The procedure may have some side effects, including:

– Inflammation: It’s common to experience some inflammation in the first few days following the procedure.
– Redness: A slight redness in the treated area is also a typical side effect.
– Mild Itching: Some individuals may feel a mild itching sensation, which is often a sign that the treatment is effective.
– Burning Sensation: Occasionally, there may be a sensation of mild burning, which can also indicate the treatment’s effectiveness.

Overall, these side effects are generally mild and temporary, with no major or long-lasting complications associated with the procedure.

PB Serum stands out from other treatments in several significant ways. One key distinction is its extended lifespan. PB Serum not only offers therapeutic benefits but also has a rejuvenating effect, making it a popular choice among individuals seeking long-term results.

Moreover, PB Serum is unique in its composition, featuring enzymes with diverse properties. This diversity contributes to its positive impact on the body.

Unlike some alternative treatments, PB Serum is tailored to address various regions by employing different enzymes. It’s important to note that the efficacy of the product applied to specific areas may diminish over time, potentially necessitating further treatments to maintain the desired results.


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