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Nipple and Areola Reconstruction to regain confidence in your breast appearance

What is

Nipple and Areola
Reconstruction in Dubai

The nipple and areola typically constitute the concluding stage of breast reconstruction. This involves a separate procedure aimed at enhancing the resemblance of the reconstructed breast to the original one. This final step can be performed as an outpatient surgery or, in some cases, as an office-based procedure.

How it works

How does Nipple and Areola Reconstruction Treatment work?

Numerous techniques exist for reconstructing the nipple and areola, with many involving the elevation of existing breast tissue to shape a nipple. In some cases, reconstructing the areola may involve the use of a skin graft, while alternatives such as tattooing can also be employed.

Use case

Who needs Nipple and Areola Reconstruction Treatment?

Individuals who have experienced mastectomy or breast-conserving surgery and wish to regain the appearance of their nipple and areola are eligible for nipple and areola reconstruction in Dubai. The choice to proceed with this procedure is a personal one and should be made in collaboration with a plastic surgeon.


Preparing Before Nipple and Areola Reconstruction Treatment

What to expect

How does the Nipple and Areola Reconstruction Procedure look like?

Typically, Nipple and Areola Reconstruction surgery is performed on an outpatient basis and involves utilizing skin from the breast area where the new nipple will be positioned to craft it. Subsequently, the reconstructed nipple can undergo tattooing to provide color and create the appearance of an areola.

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After treatment

Expectations / Results after Treatment

Following Nipple and Areola Reconstruction in Dubai, patients can expect the restoration of a natural breast appearance, which often enhances self-esteem and body image. Although there will be scars, they typically fade over time. Recovery times vary but are generally brief, allowing most patients to resume regular activities within a few weeks.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The surgery often involves using skin from the breast area to construct a new nipple, which can later be tattooed for color and to create the areola.

Recovery times vary but are generally short, with most patients able to resume normal activities within a few weeks.

Yes, it can often be combined with other breast surgeries, such as breast reconstruction, if desired.


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