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Dermapen is a micro-needling, collagen induction skin treatment for acne scars, wrinkles, fine lines, and stretch marks

What Is

Dermapen in Dubai

Dermapen is a micro-needling, collagen induction skin treatment, used to treat a variety of skin conditions like acne scars, wrinkles, fine lines, and stretch marks. The treatment uses electronically-powered needles to puncture tiny holes into your skin, which stimulates collagen production to enhance the texture and firmness of your skin.

How it works

How does Dermapen Treatment work?

The Dermapen is an automated microneedling device equipped with a disposable tip cartridge. It employs 11 micro-needles to rapidly and vertically puncture the skin’s surface. This vertical stamping action of the Dermapen generates micro-injuries in the skin, thereby triggering the initiation of new collagen production. These micro-injuries serve as a catalyst, harnessing the body’s inherent capacity to naturally regenerate and heal the skin through its regular physiological mechanisms.

Use case

Who needs Dermapen Treatment?

The Dermapen is a versatile tool suitable for addressing a range of skin concerns, including but not limited to wrinkles, fine lines, acne, cellulite, scarring, pigmentation issues, stretch marks, and more. Additionally, it can play a role in the tattoo removal process.


Preparing Before Dermapen Treatment

Refrain from using Accutane for the past 6 months.

After treatment

Expectations / Results after Treatment

Upon completing your microneedling session, it’s common for your skin to appear flushed or even bright red. Within 48 hours, most of this initial redness will typically subside. However, peeling, flaking, and potential breakouts may persist for a bit longer. It’s worth noting that not everyone will experience these effects, but additional microneedling side effects can include the development of pimples, acne, or dry skin.

While the visible healing process primarily occurs within the first few days following microneedling, the regeneration and improvement of your skin continue beneath the skin’s surface for up to two months. Diligent skin care can help minimize side effects and enhance the overall outcome.

Dermapen Treatment

Before & After

What to expect

How does the Dermapen Procedure look like?

Stage 1 – Cleansing

Initially, a deep cleansing process eliminates dead cells, dirt, and dust, facilitating the optimal penetration of the microneedles into the skin for enhanced treatment effectiveness.

Stage 2 – Treatment

This phase encompasses the microneedling procedure described earlier. As the skin undergoes microneedling, it undergoes a rejuvenation process, leading to increased thickness and a reduction in the appearance of scars, fine lines, wrinkles, dark spots, and more.

Stage 3 – Masking

Following the treatment, a soothing cooling mask is applied to your skin to prevent any potential inflammation or discomfort that may arise from the treatment.

Stage 4 – Skin Moisturizing

The final stage focuses on skin moisturization, a critical step to ensure that the skin remains hydrated, allowing you to maximize the benefits of the entire process.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Skin redness, known as erythema, may become visible, and there could be instances of pinpoint bleeding. The extent of erythema is contingent on both the treatment’s aggressiveness and the individual’s skin type. Minor swelling may also arise, with increased prominence on the second day. Employing Dermapen’s recommended post-procedure care can effectively address both redness and swelling.

The advantages of using the Dermapen become evident after a single treatment. For optimal outcomes, it is advisable to undergo 3-5 sessions, scheduled with intervals of 4-6 weeks between each session. In certain instances, a more intensive approach may be necessary, necessitating a higher number of treatments.

Waiting for at least 24 hours after your session is crucial before applying makeup to your face. The precise duration for your skin to fully recover and become makeup-ready can vary from person to person. However, as a general guideline, it’s recommended to wait a minimum of 24 to 72 hours before returning to your regular makeup routine.

Engaging in exercise immediately after your microneedling session can result in increased blood flow to the treated areas, intensifying skin sensitivity, discomfort, and swelling. To ensure a smoother recovery process, it’s advisable for patients to wait for a period ranging from 48 to 72 hours after treatment before resuming their exercise routine.


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