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Male Breast Reduction / Gynecomastia to achieve more masculine chest and regain confidence

What is

Male Breast Reduction / Gynecomastia
in Dubai

Gynecomastia surgery, alternatively known as Male Breast Reduction surgery is a medical procedure intended to address the issue of enlarged male breasts.

How it works

How does Male Breast Reduction / Gynecomastia Treatment work?

The procedure includes the following steps: creating an incision around the nipple, eliminating surplus fatty tissue either through scalpel excision or liposuction (sometimes employing a combination of both methods), and adjusting the position of the nipples if a substantial amount of tissue removal is necessary.

Use case

Who needs Male Breast Reduction / Gynecomastia Treatment?

Gynecomastia surgery, referred to as Male Breast Reduction, may become a consideration when there’s an abnormal growth of breast tissue leading to discomfort, embarrassment, or self-esteem issues. Nevertheless, the decision to pursue surgery for gynecomastia in Dubai hinges on your unique circumstances and objectives.


Preparing Before Male Breast Reduction / Gynecomastia Treatment

What to expect

How does the Male Breast Reduction / Gynecomastia Procedure look like?

Breast Reduction surgery is usually done under general anaesthetic. In some cases, local anaesthetic with sedation may be used.

The operation involves:

The operation takes about 1.5 hours. You usually need to stay in hospital overnight.

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After treatment

Expectations / Results after Treatment

After Male Breast Reduction surgery, patients can expect an improved chest contour and increased self-confidence. While there will be incision scars, they usually fade over time. Recovery times vary, but most patients can resume normal activities within a few weeks. The results are typically long-lasting, provided a stable weight and a healthy lifestyle are maintained.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The procedure typically involves making incisions, removing excess breast tissue and fat, and possibly repositioning the nipples.

Yes, there will be scars, but these tend to fade over time and are often discreetly placed.

Recovery times can vary, but most patients can gradually return to their regular activities within a few weeks.


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