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Skin Booster Injections in Dubai

With a rise in pollution, UV damage and stress, your skin needs more than just routine products to revitalize it. That’s exactly what a skin boosters does! They are a popular treatment for their skin rejuvenation and vitalizing properties.

During skin booster treatment, micro-injections of hyaluronic acid are injected into the skin. Hyaluronic acid is a substance that is naturally found in our skin and joints and is known to keep these structures well-hydrated and moisturized.

Hyaluronic acid is unique because it is known to absorb 1000x its weight in water and retain the water molecules. This keeps your skin moisturized and supple while also acting as a filler to increase skin volume.

Some popular boosters include restylane skin booster, the rejuran skin booster and vitamin C-based skin boosters 

How it works

How Do Skin Boosters Work?

When Skin Boosters are injected into the deeper layers of the skin, they stimulate a particular type of cell called fibroblast, which produces collagen and elastin fibres.

These fibres are responsible for keeping the skin firm, plump and glowing with the right amount of elasticity.

These fibres also reduce the signs of ageing and help reverse skin damage due to external factors. Skin booster treatment can be performed on the face, hands, and neck.

Use case

Who Needs Skin Booster Treatment?

Skin Boosters are safe for adults of all ages and skin types but work best for those having dry and mature skin. In adults, skin booster procedure may be recommended when there is a need to:


Preparing Before the Skin Booster Injections

Skin Booster Injections are safe, minimally-invasive procedure. During the initial consultation, your dermatologist will determine the most appropriate skin booster for you. Here is how you can prepare for the treatment:

What to expect

Expectations/ Results after Skin Booster Treatment in Dubai

Around 1 ml of the booster substance is injected into the skin during the skin booster treatment.

You may observe a mosquito bite-like appearance on the skin that resolves by itself around an hour after the procedure, following which your skin will appear and feel normal. You may notice a visible reduction in fine lines and wrinkles a week or two after the first session.

You must understand that though hyaluronic acid acts as a collagen booster for your skin, the body naturally resorbs it. Its quantity in the injected areas continues to reduce over time.

For optimal results, you may need at least two or three sessions of skin booster treatment spaced over a couple of months. You may also require maintenance injections for a few months.

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If you are unhappy with how dull or aged your skin looks, don’t blame it! Visit a trained and certified dermatologist or cosmetic surgeon for a consultation.

The doctor will evaluate your skin and determine the best possible way to restore the vitality and radiance of your skin

If boosters are recommended, your doctor will suggest the best skin boosters.

Frequently Asked Questions

Skin Booster Treatment is a safe procedure, but people with diabetes must take antibiotics for a few days before their appointment to reduce the risk of infections. If you are hypertensive or are on blood thinners for cardiovascular conditions, you must discuss this with your physician and stop taking the medication before skin booster treatment to avoid bruising.

Following a Skin Booster Injections, it may take around two to three weeks for the results to show completely. Most Skin Boosters last approximately six to nine months, following which they require replenishment.

Skin Boosters rejuvenate your skin and restore its glow and radiance, giving people the impression that the treatment is expensive. Let us tell you a secret– Skin Booster tTerapy is an affordable cosmetic treatment and most people undergo regular sessions to maintain their results.

There are several skin boosters, but the most popular is the Profhilo, which has the highest concentration of hyaluronic acid. Greater the concentration of hyaluronic acid, the better the results. There are different skin boosters, each for a specific effect, for example, brightening booster, vitamin c booster, etc.

In most people, three sessions of Skin Booster Treatment are required, and each session is spaced at a month’s interval. However, after evaluating your skin type and aesthetic goals, your dermatologist or cosmetic surgeon will determine how many sessions of skin booster treatment you will require.

Skin Boosters Treatment is not like dermal fillers that add volume. To reduce the shallowness of the eyes, you will require a volumizing treatment, and skin boosters are not what you need.

Skin Boosters are a boon for your skin and here’s why:

  • Rejuvenate the skin and restore its natural glow
  • Plump up the skin
  • Hydrate the skin and keeps it moisturised
  • Boost collagen production and improve elasticity and firmness of the skin
  • Reduce dark circles around the eyes
  • Reduce pigmentation
  • Minimise inflammation and pores, reducing the frequency of acne

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