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Breast Reduction Surgery, also called Reduction Mammaplasty, aims to reduce the size of overly large breasts that may cause physical discomfort or aesthetic concerns

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Breast Reduction Surgery in Dubai

Breast Reduction Surgery is also known as Reduction Mammaplasty, the cosmetic procedure involves the removal of excess breast tissue, fat, glandular tissue, and skin to create a more proportional size for your body and alleviate any discomfort your excessively large breasts (macromastia) caused. By removing the excess breast, the surgeon improves the symmetry, eliminates sagging, and creates firmer, more manageable breasts, thereby improving your overall health. Here at Hortman Clinics in Dubai, our skilled board-certified plastic surgeon can enhance your physique tailored to your needs and suited for your body type and lifestyle.

Patients suffering from disproportionally large breasts often suffer physical and emotional pain. The large size can lead to back and neck pain, making daily or everyday physical activities painful. Apart from the physical distress, patients with macromastia often suffer from emotional and, in some cases, mental health problems associated with their large breasts.

Breast Reduction can still be performed as an aesthetic procedure for patients who are dissatisfied with the shape and size of their breasts but do not suffer any of the above symptoms. Many variables, such as social stigmas and wardrobe considerations, may influence patients who elect to have Breast Reduction Surgery for cosmetic purposes.

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Are you a good candidate for Breast Reduction Surgery?

Before considering Breast Reduction Surgery, it is essential to evaluate all the risk factors and the emotional ones, your breast surgeon in Dubai will discuss these with you and create a plan ideally suited for you.

As mentioned before, if you experience any physical and emotional discomfort due to the size of your breasts, this surgery is a good option. This surgery can reduce breast size, improve the overall appearance of your chest, and alleviate issues such as back pain and skin irritation. However, before undergoing any surgery, it is important to determine whether you would be a good candidate.

You may be a candidate for a Breast Reduction procedure if:

Having realistic expectations and discussing your feelings and fears with your surgeon before the surgery is important.

Breast reduction surgery is not recommended for people who are:


Breast Reduction in Dubai and all the surgical options available.

During your consultation at our clinic, your doctor will advise you to do the following examinations and tests prior to your surgery. There is nothing to fear about these are all standard and in place to ensure you are healthy and fit for your surgery:

Our team will ensure you are well prepared for your surgical day; they will provide you with a detailed booklet about the surgery, what to expect, post-operative care, and follow-up instructions. It will also include visiting the hospital to meet your anesthetic team.

Your surgeon will discuss the several surgical techniques available; each method carries its own advantages and risks. Your surgeon will select the procedure best suited for your anatomy, the amount of breast tissue to remove, and your chosen outcome.

Liposuction for Breast Reduction Surgery

If you require moderate or a slight reduction in breast size and your skin elasticity is good with little to no sagging, then liposuction alone can be a good option. However, if you have sagging, larger breasts with more fat to remove or asymmetrical breasts. In that case, your doctor will discuss a more intricate procedure called the Vertical or “Lollipop” Breast Reduction.

The Lollipop or Vertical procedure.

If your breasts have lost their skin elasticity coupled with the need for moderate size reduction, this option is ideal. It involves two incision sites, one around the areola and the second running vertically from the bottom of the areola to the inframammary fold, known as the crease beneath the breast. Here the surgeon will remove the fat, excess skin, and tissue, create the shape you discussed and form a more youthful look. Although this option does leave minimal scarring, it is easily hidden by a bra or bikini top.

The "Anchor" or Inverted Breast Reduction option.

The Inverted-T procedure involves three incisions, one around the areola, a vertical incision from the areola to the breast crease, and one under the breast in the crease. This technique allows the surgeon to achieve the maximum tissue removal, reshaping and creating an optimal shape and breast structure, ensuring the best results. The scars are similar to the “lollipop,” and with proper post-op care, they will fade and heal well over the next year.


What are the risk factors of Breast Reduction Surgery you need to be aware of?

At Hortman Clinic, we understand that deciding on a Breast Reduction is extremely personal. Therefore our surgeon will take you through the entire process step-by-step. Understanding all the Breast Reduction benefits, risks, and potential complications is essential before the surgery. During your last consultation, you are required to sign a consent form that you understand and agree to all of these.

Risks And Complications You Need To Be Aware Of:

Recovery after Breast Reduction Surgery and life after your procedure

Breast Reduction is a highly rewarding cosmetic surgery because it improves a patient’s physical and emotional well-being and enhances their appearance. After the procedure, patients experience a surge in self-confidence and an increased sense of freedom to wear desired clothes and participate in physical activities they previously avoided.

Post-surgery, ensure to follow your post-care instructions and contact our clinic if you have any concerns. This is vital to an uncomplicated recovery. Please note that your incisions and breasts should not be exposed to any excessive force or abrupt movement during your recovery period. Special post-care instructions will be shared to minimize post-surgery complications and ensure a smooth and comfortable recovery.

What to expect during your breast reduction’s consultation

Deciding to have Breast Reduction surgery in Dubai is a personal decision, and we at Hortman Clinic respect that. Our board-certified surgeon will discuss your options, aspirations, and lifestyle during the consultation. It is imperative to be honest about your expectations and the results you seek. A mammaplasty is still a surgery and therefore carries risks with it; your doctor will discuss these and go over how the reduction will affect your life post-surgery.


During The Consultation, You Will Need To Answer The Following Questions:

The Doctor Will Also Complete The Following:

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After performing a clinical evaluation and assessing your medical history, your doctor will determine if you are a candidate for Breast Reduction Surgery in Dubai.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can rest assured that you will enjoy your smaller, firmer, and lighter breasts as long as you maintain your weight and do not plan any future pregnancies that can affect the results. It is important to note that the natural aging process will happen with time and age, but not to the extent as before your reduction.

In most cases, you stay over one night in the hospital to ensure there is bleeding and remain pain-free. In some cases, your doctor can discharge you on the same day.

The short answer is yes; however, as there are a few different surgical procedures, this can impact the result. If you are planning to fall pregnant, discuss this with your doctor, as your surgeon will discuss the best possible options for you.

After your breast reduction surgery, you will be provided with a special surgical bra that is required to be worn 6 – 8 weeks post-op. You can remove it when you shower; however, it is to be worn the rest of the day for the best results.


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