EMA Hydracool

About Us

HydraCool Plus is a multifunctional skin management platform, fusing four technologies in one. An effective, professional treatments for the face, eye, lip, décolleté and hand treatment, HydraCool Plus is scientifically proven to suit all skin types and concerns, transforming a dull, tired complexion into fresh, youthful and vibrant skin.

HydraCool Plus is a bespoke skincare ritual, tailored to the individual, to meet the demands of their skin and lifestyle. Fusing aesthetics and technology within a multifunctional skincare platform, HydraCool Plus uses a combination of AquaB, VibroX, Collagen+ and UltraB technologies to cleanse, oxygenate, tighten and deeply infuse nutrients into the skin.

In 2019, EMA acquired the HydraCool concept and is looking ahead to further global expansion in both its HydraCool and HydraCool Plus platforms.

Who are we?

EMA Aesthetics Ltd is established in Ireland and specialises in the fields of professional aesthetics and skincare technology. The company currently owns HydraCool and SRS brands.

We are present in 39 countries worldwide and operate in Ireland, Belgium, UAE and Singapore. EMA commits to sustainable growth, product development and skincare innovation globally.

Why partner with HydraCool?

HydraCool Plus provides a complementary, highly profitable solution for clinics and aesthetic centers to help expand their business, grow customer loyalty and provide the latest advancements in skincare technology to unique clients.

A non-invasive treatment that will complement other procedures in your portfolio, HydraCool Plus will help to engage your existing clients, increase frequency of visits, and drive new client footfall. As a HydraCool partner, we are committed to supporting you with sales, education and marketing initiatives to help strengthen the business and our brand together.